Aktuálne - Work for us

The company Lesenie SK looks constantly for new people to work abroad. We are used to send our employees to work in Germany or Sweden.

The cooperation with us starts before leaving Slovakia. We are able to help you with the official papers, certificates, work permit, clothes and accomodation. For more details contact our Production Manager who can answer all your questions.

If you decide to work for us, we will call you to come to our office in Pestovatelska 2 in Bratislava where we will give you an employment contract and other necessary documents to sign. At this moment, our Production Manager will explain our work system abroad to you.

The travel is usually planned for a weekend so you are able to start working on Monday. We are used to compensate all your travel expenses. After arrival, you will settle in the accomodation provided by us. The next morning, you will be taken to the project site where you will have to receive work training. During the project, you will be directed by our Teamleader who is a responsible person for our company. He is able to solve any of your problems.

There is also a Project Manager who takes control over the project and reports work process to us.

Our Swedish partner is used to constantly give us project orders so you don ́t have to be worried about a job.

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