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Our company Lešenie SK deals with rent and sale of the scaffold. And how does this proccess work?

At first, customer contacts our company and makes a request for an order. Parametres which are important:

  • Facade area for us to know how much m² of scaffold is needed
  • Site where the building is situated
  • Photos of the building
  • Number of days of rent of the scaffold
  • Eventual special request.

According to these parametres, our production manager makes a price offer request. After an agreement by a customer, the order is done. Then we realise a personal meeting at the building site where our production manager takes a control of it carefully and arranges the conditions of realization with the customer. These conditions include date of mounting and demounting of the scaffold.

In the day of mounting, our workers load necessary material up at our scaffolding hall and they come to the place where they start building the scaffold. After mounting, our teamleader makes an acceptance protocol where is written how much m² was built and the date of mounting and demounting. This protocol must be approved by a site manager. The site manager announces to our production manager when demounting will be realized and they arrange the date.

In the day of demounting, our workers arrive again and they demount the scaffold. The site manager checks the building and if it´s everything ok, the order is done.

Our company provides 2 types of the scaffold for rent:

In-line part scaffold type "GRAF" - Utility carrying capacity of the one scaffold flooring is max. 200kg/m2, this type belongs to simple scaffold. Tha scaffold may be built up to 60 m height. It is allowed to build it as an uncovered scaffold to the open or closed facade. There is easy manipulation thanks to the simple slide system and flexible mounting even for complicated facades.

Mobile scaffold ALU-MOBIL G 2500 - is used for a performance of construction and maintenance works in the heights. Maximum loading of the working floor is 2,0kN/m2. The maximum height of the scaffold working floor is 12,3m in the enclosed space (without the wind effect) and 8,3m in the open space. The working floor is possible to build every 30 cm.

In-line part scaffold type "GRAF"

Mobile scaffold ALU-MOBIL G 2500