Aktuálne - Lighting Advertisement

Big news! Our company Lešenie SK, s.r.o. disposes of the lighting advertisement in Pestovateľská 2 in Bratislava.

The advertisement is placed on the top of company building. Works have started in October 2016. At first, the company asked for static assessment of supporting construction. This construction must be designed carefully to fulfill all safety rules. The constructionjamb are designed and made exactly for an area of building supporting posts. It is necessary because of large area of the advertisement to be able to withstand weather conditions.

In the course of mounting, it was necesarry to open roof isolation and start a hole for bulding supporting posts. Subsequently, workers isolated the roof and welded supporting construction. The next step was to design the construction for bond airing boards caught up according to area in the static assessment. In the end were mounted LED letters and also an elecric current for lighting in the evening.

The advertisement was finalized and put into operation in February 2017.

In the day

At night