Our company was established after long-time experience of the company´s Executive Managers in the construction area. It is specialized in the construction and rent of the scaffold. Our company uses for realization the Austrian scaffold type GRAF and the mobile aluminium scaffold Alu-Mobil G 2500. LešenieSK has succesfully cooperated with a Swedish scaffold company since 2014. The company is situated in the own offices in Bratislava and has its own scaffolding hall in Trnava. The company employs approximately 80 own employees.

The company Lešenie SK, s.r.o. is the institution dealing wih sale, rent, mounting and demounting of thescaffold, including scaffolding networks. The company owns overall approx. 15, 000 m² of its own facade scaffold. It is a common standard of the company to build 700 m² of scaffold daily.This is built by our certified workers.


Certifications from education in Sweden